Blogging Resource Library

Blogging can be so confusing and overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out. There are just so many options to choose from with every single thing you need for your blog. That’s where this resource library comes in.

This is a huge list of resources that I have personally used successfully and some resources that are recommended by top bloggers. I will be updating the list over time, so you can bookmark and keep up with my latest resources. What I love about this is that as I grow and my blog grows over time, you also grow with us!

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Domain and Web Hosting

Namecheap – Getting your own domain is one of the most important things of running a blog. Without a domain, people tend to not take you seriously. Namecheap can save you a lot of money on a domain versus getting one from a web host.

GoDaddy – I got my domain from GoDaddy using their 99 cent domain promo. I believe that’s an ongoing promotion because I’ve seen it around for a long time. 99 cents for a domain is an amazing deal! Please take advantage of this, I cannot stress how important your domain is! They also have options for web hosting and offer great deals on bundles like domain, hosting, and email for only $1.

Siteground – Confession: I have only ever used Siteground for hosting, so my recommendation may be biased. With that aside, though, Siteground is an amazing host! The sign up process is so simple and they set-up my WordPress in seconds. Their customer support is also A+. They get back to me within minutes right on the Siteground platform!

Bluehost – I personally have never used Bluehost, but a majority of bloggers recommend them. I can’t vouch for their services like I can with Siteground, but I trust the big bloggers out there. Plus, it’s cheaper than Siteground, so it’s ideal for people who don’t have as much to invest.

Stock Photos, Photo Elements, and Editing

Stocksnap – Stocksnap offers hundreds of high-resolution stock images for you to use however you want. They add images weekly.

Splitshire – Another great source for stock images. They have a premium service if you want access to more photos, but they have hundreds of amazing photos for free.

Creative Market – Most bloggers who use Creative Market use it for themes. They have really great themes, but I like to use it for the amazing vectors and graphic elements in their library. Vectors and graphics come in very handy for making downloadable content for your readers. They also give you 6 different freebies every week!

TheHungryJPEG – TheHungryJPEG is another amazing source for vectors and graphic elements. They offer great deals on bundles every month and they feature a weekly freebie. Their $1 deals are also to die for, featuring high quality elements that don’t look like you got them for $1 at all!

Canva – Canva is a free image editing software widely used by the blogging community. You can use it to make images for your blog, a blog logo, media kits, and social media images.

PicMonkey – I personally use and recommend PicMonkey. I tried Canva, but it wasn’t Quynh-friendly. PicMonkey is just so easy to use. I have their premium plan which has features such as advanced tools and being able to use your own fonts. I recommend getting premium if you’re serious about creating great pictures for your blog without much effort. The best thing is it only costs $3.99 a month if you pay for it yearly.

Themes and Customization

Etsy – I bought my first theme from Etsy. I love Etsy because not only do they have amazing products, but you know that all the products are made by real people just like you and me. You can find a variety of themes and logos at Etsy. Many stores even offer custom themes and logos.

Creative Market – I know I already listed this, but I’m relisting it because it has such amazing themes! A lot of them are also surprisingly affordable. If you’re handy with designing and code, you can also use their elements to create your own unique theme.

TheHungryJPEG – Another relist. TheHungryJPEG is similar to Creative market. Their theme selection is definitely not as wide as Creative Market, but they run at around the same prices. Their themes look really appealing.

Blog Growth and Marketing

MailerLite – One of the most important things to have when blogging is an e-mail list. You should be starting an e-mail list from day 1. Why? Because what happens if someone stumbles upon your blog, loves it, but doesn’t bookmark it or follow you on social media? You just lost a potential dedicated reader. The best way to prevent this and build a group of loyal readers is by starting an e-mail list! No, you don’t have to send out e-mails weekly, but it’s important that you have a list so that when you do have an e-mail to send out, you have readers to connect with! You can start building your first 1,000 subscribers for free with MailerLite.

Boardbooster – Boardbooster helps you strategically schedule pins. You can customize how many times you want your pins to be posted ever day. Boardbooster knows which pins get more engagement and it deletes the ones with less engagement. This is huge because a lot of blog traffic actually comes from Pinterest! They have plans starting a $5 per month, but you can sign up for a free no obligation trial with your first 100 pins!


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